Night Guard

A number of people suffer from a condition called bruxism. Commonly known as teeth grinding and clenching, bruxism most often happens at night while you sleep. Untreated bruxism can lead to several serious problems, including:

- Jaw pain
- Chronic facial pain
- Tightness and tiredness in the jaw muscles
- Frequent migraines and tension headaches
- Damaged and worn enamel
- Excessively worn teeth, leading to teeth that are flattened, cracked, or chipped
- Gum irritation
- Ear pain and ringing in the ears

The noise from teeth grinding can even be loud enough to disturb your partner’s sleep. If you grind and clench your teeth while you sleep, our experienced dentists may recommend a night guard. The night guard is a custom-made mouth guard that fits over your teeth while you sleep to provide a barrier between your upper and lower teeth. Dr. Rashidi will ensure that your night guard fits comfortably so you can sleep peacefully through the night. If you suspect that you suffer from bruxism, we welcome you to contact us today at Washington Square Dental to learn more about how we treat teeth grinding in Tigard, OR. We are committed to protecting your oral health for a healthy, beautiful smile.

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