Restorations to Help Transform Your Smile in Tigard

When something has gone wrong with your smile, the impacts on your overall health, confidence, and quality of life can be significant. This is why our Tigard dentists, Dr. Shahin Rashidi, and Dr. Pari Samani, provide skilled and compassionate care with restorative dentistry services and treatments.

Whether you have slight dental damage, deep decay, missing teeth, or significant jaw pain, our Washington Square Dental team will work with you to find the most effective solution to meet your needs for life. Contact us today to schedule your restoration consultation!


Does My Smile Need Restoring?

A woman examines her smile in the mirror

Even with diligent oral hygiene, routine dental visits, and how strong natural teeth are, the health of your teeth and gums can still fall vulnerable to injury, infection, decay, and cavities. If given the time, the tiniest crack in your enamel can lead to bacteria entering a tooth and spreading to neighboring teeth or other areas of the body. For this reason and many others, dental restoration treatment and procedures are a vital aspect of keeping your natural smile healthy, functional, and beautiful.

With dental restorations, our Tigard dentists can repair, restore, and replace teeth to protect and maintain your oral health as well as your overall health. Our restorative solutions can also help preserve your dental aesthetics and may reduce the need for more extensive dental work in the future. 

7 Issues Dental Restorations Can Help Address

  1. Trauma and injury
  2. Chips, cracks, & fractures
  3. Broken enamel
  4. Missing teeth
  5. Dental decay & cavities
  6. Tooth pain, gum disease & dental infections
  7. TMJ & Sleep Apnea disorders

Addressing Your Needs with Comprehensive Consultations & Examinations

Dentist explain to the results of a x-ray Our Tigard dentists invite you to our office for a detailed consultation. Dr. Shahin Rashidi and Dr. Pari Samani get to know both you and your smile on a more personal level. In-depth discussions about your oral and dental health concerns, needs, and goals help us to understand how we can utilize our digital technologies and align our restorative solutions to match your expectations for treatment.

Our dentists will then evaluate your medical history, lifestyle choices, and current oral health using advanced technology to help us create a restorative treatment plan that fulfills all your unique needs. Depending on the extent of damage and the complexity of your restoration needs, our dentists can refer you to one of our trusted specialists we work closely with to ensure you receive the reliable and skilled care you deserve.

What Restoration Treatments Do You Offer?

At Washington Square Dental, we are happy to provide you with the following solutions for smile restoration:

I Have Tooth Pain & Sensitivity – How Can You Help?

At Washington Square Dental, our dentists will likely recommend root canal therapy for teeth that might be saved or gentle tooth extractions for teeth that are too impacted or decayed to be salvageable. Continue reading the learn more about these two options!

Root Canal Therapy

A view of the root canal system within a toothRoot canal therapy is a straightforward procedure in which the inner nerves, blood vessels, and tissues, also knows as the pulp, are removed to help eliminate infection. The entire purpose of a root canal treatment is to try to save as much natural tooth structure as possible when bacteria have comprised the tooth. Although this treatment is often thought to be uncomfortable, it’s no more so than receiving a filling.

You are thoroughly numbed and made completely comfortable at the start of your procedure. The infected pulp is gently removed, and the now-empty chamber is cleaned and filled with an anti-bacterial material that helps support inner canals of your tooth. Your treated tooth is then prepared for your custom crown to be placed.

Tooth Extractions

Factors that determine the need for extraction include the state of your tooth and its impact on your oral health. Impacted wisdom teeth, broken enamel, and deeply-decayed teeth are often better addressed with extraction because of their risks for infection and harm to your overall oral health.

One of our dentists will sit down with you to discuss the reasons for your tooth removal and why it’s necessary. This communication allows us to provide you with complete comfort and confidence throughout your extraction process.

What are Dental Implants Exactly and How Do They Work?

An overview of what dental implants look like before instillationDental implants consist of three important components: the titanium implant post, the abutment (the piece needed for connecting your custom restoration to your implant), and the final prosthetic.

Implants are surgically inserted into your jawbone and become a part of it as the soft tissue and bone fuse around your post in a process called osseointegration. This fusing allows your implants to serve as artificial tooth roots which provide lasting support for your restoration and help replace missing teeth from root to crown.

While our Tigard dentists do not place dental implants, our team works with a trusted oral surgeon who does! Schedule your consultation with us today if you have missing teeth in your smile you wish to replace permanently!

Completing Your Smile with Restorations Supported by Dental Implants

Once your implants are placed and your gums have healed properly after several months, it’s time to complete your smile by affixing your personalized restoration! We provide the following lifelike and durable prosthetics supported by implants:

I Have Damaged Teeth – What are My Options?

Minor to severe chips, cracks, and other damage can leave teeth vulnerable to bacteria and possible infection. If not addressedA look at the options for repairing damaged teeth properly, these issues could warrant extraction further down the line. Addressing cavities, replacing lost enamel after the removal of decay, and strengthening weak teeth can help prevent the need for more extensive solutions.

Our treatments for restoring damaged teeth include:

Composite, white fillings quite literally “fill” in the areas of the tooth where cavities or decay was removed. Fillings also help repair minor chips, cracks, and fractures in teeth due to wear, typically from clenching or grinding (bruxism).

Porcelain inlays & onlays are fabricated outside of the smile from a single piece of beautiful and durable porcelain. These restorations also provide renewed aesthetics as they are designed to provide a perfect fit in the spaces where tooth enamel is missing, often due to decay or damage. Inlays are placed on the central biting surfaces of teeth, whereas onlays can extend over the cusps of the tooth.

Crowns are dental restorations that are designed to act, look, and feel exactly like your natural, healthy tooth. Crowns work by encompassing the entire structure of a weak or severely-damaged tooth.

Because worn and vulnerable teeth are often found in cases of TMJ disorders, resulting from a misaligned bite, crowns can also be placed to help reduce the uncomfortable impacts of temporomandibular joint disorders.

Renew Your Smile’s Health and Appeal Today!

At Washington Square Dental, Drs. Shahin Rashidi and Pari Samani, and their compassionate team believe everyone deserves to enjoy a beautiful smile that is healthy, functional, and pain-free. No matter the extent of your current dental or oral health needs, you can count on us to help treat or get you the skilled care you need. Contact our dental practice in Tigard today to get started!


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